​Seven Oaks Club Green Thumb Club

Whether you’re the serious gardener, or always had an interest in growing your own fresh vegetables, or just want to enjoy a really neat family activity, you are invited to participate in the inaugural year of the “Green Thumb Club!”

The gardens are easily accessible to drive to as the plots are conveniently located next to Dano Drive and to the left of #10 fairway. The plot size is 15 X 20 that will provide an abundance of ground to plant a variety of vegetables. For all you purists, we do know that a tomato is a fruit!

The annual dues of the Club are $35. Please contact Seven Oaks for an application or to pay by cash, check or credit card.

So now’s the time to start in order to enjoy come fall the fresh vegetables from the farm to your dinner table!

Please see Molly Verone at the Club or contact her at 724-495-3300 for your plot assignment.