Barley & Hops Club

The Barley & Hops Club was an idea that became a reality for all of our beer connoisseurs in 2013 and we have now reached over 100 members! The Barley & Hops Club had another outstanding year last year and are looking forward to some new events planned for this year.

Our very popular 9th annual Beer Belly Open was once again a sold out event! Great memories were made and we look forward to many more to come. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity.

Barley & Hop Club Benefits Include

All of this for just a $80 annual membership fee!

All Seven Oaks Members may now purchase a Seven Oaks Engraved German Style 2 Liter Growler for $40 and can fill them with any of our 6 drafts for $20 any day of the week!

All Barley & Hops Club members may purchase one for a discounted rate of $35 and can fill them for $15 any day of the week!

Be sure to contact Chris Juba to purchase your growler. 

A Growler makes a great gift!