The Top Ten Reasons YOU should be a Seven Oaks Country Club Golf Member! 

10. You’ll Save BIG on “Everything Golf” with The Buyer’s Club, exclusively for Golf Members!  Can you say SAVINGS! 

The Seven Oaks Buyer’s Club is a benefit exclusively for golf members! For a small annual fee “golf members only” enjoy savings on all of their golf shop purchases all yearlong.  All in stock merchandise is only 12.5% over cost and all special orders are only 15% over cost plus shipping!  This includes golf clubs, golf balls, gloves, shoes, clothing, and more!  No more purchasing at retail or waiting for a special sale. From the latest in fashion to the newest technology, everything is available at The Buyer’s Club all year at outstanding savings!  In fact, some members save so much that their savings exceed the cost of their membership! 

9. You’ll Enjoy a Championship Golf Course Set Up “Just for You” with 5 Sets of Tees! 

Whether an accomplished player or someone new to the game, our golf course can provide just the right challenge for your skill level.  Click here for a tour of the golf course. 

8. You’ll Get your “Golf Fix” with our Active Golf Programming for Competition, Game Improvement, and Just Plain Fun!

 Whether you enjoy competitive events, instruction on improving your game, or just 9-Hole Fun Events with a spouse or friends, Seven Oaks has an active schedule of golf programming under the direction of PGA Professional Willie Yacknow to fit the bill!  Click here to check out our newsletter and all of the golf activities for the month. 

7. You’ll Enjoy Camaraderie, Learning, New Experiences and Fun with our “Clubs within the Club”!

In addition to being a golf member of the club, Seven Oaks has a variety of special interest clubs that continue to grow each year.  Members enjoy learning about and tasting wine at our Vintner Club events.  Barley and Hops Club members enjoy beer tastings, their own special mug, and special pricing, and our Long Ash Club members gather and enjoy camaraderie and cigars.  

Want to do something outdoors, why not plant a Garden?  Our Green Thumb Club members plant their own garden on club premises and enjoy their own garden fresh vegetables at harvest time in the fall.  

And the best news of all, the incredible value these clubs provide!  As a club member you’ll have an opportunity to enjoy all of these clubs or even suggest a new club of your own!  Click here for more information on all of our “Clubs within the Club”. 

6. You’ll Grow your Business with our Business Networking Forum, Member to Member! 

There is no better place to meet new like-minded members interested in business networking than at our Member to Member monthly networking events.  Members gather to meet, exchange information, and create new business relationships.  We also have a Member to Member area of our website where members’ businesses are promoted as well as a Member to Member Board in the clubhouse where members are invited to post information about their businesses.  

As a club member you may very well find that the new business relationships you make willl more than cover your membership dues.  Click here for more information on Member to Member. 

5. You’ll Enjoy Weekly Dining and Drink Features at an Outstanding Value

 We want the Club to be “front of mind” when members are deciding where to go for dinner or a drink and “mission accomplished” with our daily dining and drink features.  In addition to a great lunch and dinner menu, Chef Greg Powell and his culinary team create seasonally fresh daily features that provide outstanding value. Not to be outdone, Assistant Manager Jenn Phillips and her service team create hand crafted bar fresh cocktails, provide a variety of outstanding wine varietals, and an ever changing, ongoing selection of craft beers that may be sampled by flight.  Click here to check out our newsletter and check out this month’s offerings. 

4. You’ll Make Lifelong Memories with our Special Holiday Events and Activities for the Entire Family! 

Holidays are extra special at Seven Oaks, especially when shared with family and friends.  From Easter, to Mother’s and Father’s Day, Thanksgiving and everything in between, Seven Oaks makes holidays memorable with outstanding ambiance, sumptuous dining, and great value.  And, if you haven’t seen the Club decked out in its December finest for Christmas, you’re in for a treat!  December is a magical time with events for the entire family, especially those for the kids with Santa!  Click here to check out our newsletter and all of the social events and activities for the month. 

3. Your Non-Golfing Family Members Will Enjoy all of the Benefits of a Recreational Membership! 

A golf membership also provides all of the benefits of a Recreational Membership to non-golfing family members.  Family members will enjoy lounging by the pool, working out in the fitness center, giving tennis a try, and participating in many of the varied social events and activities offered at Seven Oaks.  It’s more than just golf; it’s a Family Affair!  Click here to check out all of the additional benefits of membership. 

2. You’ll Have the Opportunity to Expand your Club Benefits with Pittsburgh Community! 

Seven Oaks is a Participating Club in Pittsburgh Community, an alliance of Private Clubs in the Pittsburgh area.  For only a few dollars in additional dues each month, you’ll enjoy membership benefits at 12 other fine private clubs.  For more information on Pittsburgh Community, click here. 

1. You’ll Enjoy INCREDIBLE VALUE, in fact, The Best Value in a Private Club in Western Pennsylvania! 

From the waiver of our Initiation Fee to a special first year dues and hundreds of dollars in club gifts and services upon enrollment, there is no better value in a Private Club.  Click here to check out our current membership offer.  WARNING:  Be prepared to be make one of your best decisions ever for you and your family.